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Calvin T. Mann, a native Detroiter, entered the movement to encourage others as a youth in the early 80’s. While developing his athletic abilities he emerged as a leader through his capacity to recognize, develop, and encourage the skills of his teammates. After graduating Ferndale High School and a brief stay at Michigan Christian College, Mann’s life began to change as he met with challenges and obstacles that took his life in unexpected directions and away from college life. One of the unexpected directions of his life was the appointment to Basketball Coach at his Alma mater, Ferndale High School. As one of the youngest coaches in school history, Mann was appointed to a varsity level basketball coach where he focused on character building, inspiring and encouraging student athletes; a strategy that served him well for more than 28 years. Throughout his coaching career, Mann further served his community by volunteering his unique coaching expertise to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and supporting the athletic careers of hundreds of young men and women throughout Metro Detroit.
Entering Fatherhood at age 22, Mann learned quickly about the profound impact of fatherhood on one’s identity and self-concept. Unknowing that fatherhood would lead him further down the path of encouraging others he continued to press through challenges of manhood and fatherhood as a husband and father. Through prayer, meditation, and an insightful desire for positive direction, Mann realized his gift to create inspirational affirmations and quotes. Using t-shirts and other apparel as the vehicle to spread words of encouragement, his vision and positive message motivates others to be encouraged and to encourage others. The vision of encouragement has made a global impact and led to a movement which initiated Encourage Me I’m Young, Inc., (EMIY) a non-profit organization with a division dedicated to the support and encouragement of fatherhood. In 2010, Mann formed Good Fathers Only (GFO) as a vehicle to support “good” fathers who lacked available resources, recognition, and/or the fellowship needed during the struggles of a parenting father. Today, GFO provides encouragement, fellowship, peer mentor-ship, workshops, and training to men from all walks of life committed to being and becoming a “good “father. Mann’s legacy contributions include facilitator, talk show host (Daddy Talk), mentor, visionary, coach, author, community activist and proud father of 4. Rising from the legacy seeded by Rev. Columbus Mann and Ollibell Rosetha Mann, Calvin T. Mann is building a legacy not only for his own children but for all children in need of encouragement and all fathers who want to be and are “good fathers.” Mann’s passion and unique perspective exemplifies diversity, self-belief, and love for his fellow man. He has a firm understanding of how people think and continues to actively educate those he meets, by imparting an integral idiom to encouraging someone close to them. Mann often serve on panels, speaks to grade schools and colleges, sports teams, ministries and other public venues, enlightening audiences on the potential solutions and perspectives of fatherhood, mentor-ship, family, community, sportsmanship, and other topics that empower people toward real change. Join the movement, “Encourage Me I’m Young” and “Good Fathers Only” today.

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Phone: (313)332-3323