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Encourage Me I’m Young (EMIY) Inc., a non-profit 501c3 based in Detroit is a grassroots volunteer driven organization dedicated to legacy. We have supported, developed, and nurtured children and fathers to reach their fullest potential since 2007.  As you may have witnessed, the family, community, and country is facing one of our biggest social, physical, and spiritual challenges of our time.  There is a clear attack on the family unit targeting the father and child.  We use our voice for advocacy and our passion in programs to drive our work to “build families through developing boys and encouraging fathers.”


The mission of EMIY is to uplift and encourage youth of all ages to become compassionate, intelligent, and logical decision makers while embracing their abilities to become the future leaders of encouragement and empowerment.


The Vision of EMIY is:

1) To create a society that enlists youth to embrace their abilities and become future leaders.

2) To empower youth by focusing on their potential, setting achievable goals, and making good decisions.

3) To guide and encourage youth through increased interest in literacy, character development, and mentorship.

4) To build stronger bridges to healthy families by nurturing relationships between fathers and their children through training, support, and community resources.

5) To reach youth and fathers on a global scale with positive messages of endearment, encouragement, and empowerment.


EMIY Future Leaders (EFL) & Good Fathers Only (GFO)

EMIY Future Leaders Program (EFL) is a 14 week peer mentoring training designed to draw out the natural talents and leadership abilities of boys ages 8-13.  The program design is built upon the 40 development assets identified by Search Institute.  EFL develops leadership skills as a basis for prevention and intervention.  Our leadership strategies assist youth to envision a positive future and plan the necessary steps they need to reach their goals. GFO (Good Fathers Only) was created to respond to the need to support and encourage men and fathers to be more active in the lives of children. GFO trains and supports men and fathers to heal and provides the skills needed to parent more effectively. We share support and resources for married, co-parenting, divorced, and/or single fathers and grandfathers. Ultimately by taking these steps we rebuild and strengthen the family structure through improved communications.

Advocacy through Action

April 6, 2016 marked Respect Day Ground Zero. Launched in Detroit and growing beyond its boundaries of geographic, age, race, ethnicity, economics, and social status this movement is a result of EMIY Inc. taking action to empower and challenge every caring and concerned child, teen, and adult from all walks of life to EMERGE! We advocate for individual accountability and action.  Starting with a simple pledge this approach to be accountable for our own words, beliefs, and deeds by design will bury the hate and raise RESPECT.

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