EMIY Future Leaders Program (EFL) is a 14 week peer mentoring training designed to draw out the natural talents and leadership abilities of boys ages 8-13. According to Search Institute children between the ages of 9 and 15 are at important turning points in their lives because during this time that they often disengage in school life or engage in risky behaviors that can limit their chances of reaching productive adulthood. Conversely, EMIY’s Future Leaders Program target boys 8 – 13 to develop leadership skills as a basis for prevention and intervention. Our leadership strategies assist youth to envision a positive future and plan the necessary steps they need to reach their goals. The next session begins January 2019, there’s limited space for 40 males.

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Respect for yourself and all others. For the younger kids we help them learn how to help each other. For the older group it comes down to this: If you learn how to respect yourself in all situations, you never have to worry about disrespecting anyone else.



Responsibility uses the “must-do’s”. From completing your homework, doing your chores, getting the right amount of sleep, to taking care of yourself, your body and your mind.



This one is about commitment. to make sure you do what you say you will do no more “I’ll get to it later”. This is about your word of honor. It’s about making sure that something gets done and to the best standards available.



The hardest thing for anybody to do is to look themselves in the mirror and to generate an honest assessment of yourself. What do you do right? How do you know? Is your self esteem to high? or, is it too low? Causing depression and underachievement. We will cover both ends of the spectrum and everybody in between.



Simply; “Don’t quit, no matter what”. This is the most important idea. Almost everybody has had hundred’s of really good ideas that would have worked if we didn’t quit on the idea. If you believe it will work, then it probably will. You just have to overcome the obstacles between yourself and success.

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