April 6, 2020  Respect Day Respect EVERYONE  In 2020 we are challenging every cause, caring and concerned child, teen, and adult from all walks of life to RESPECT: EVERYONE! Be accountable for their own words, beliefs, and deeds and to STOP DISTRACTED DRIVING, SUICIDE, BULLYING, VIOLENCE, and HATE, Then Raise RESPECT.

RESPECT: EVERYONE! is the next point of rebuilding not a point of blame no looking back. We need the involvement of everyday people. We need to redirect the energy given to distracted driving, hate crimes, suicide, bullying, and violence to a united effort towards peace.

The first step of this change is the demonstration of RESPECT. We must make the message visible and viral! The message must be spoken, seen, and practiced in businesses, communities, schools, social media, and civic environments! It is here where YOU are needed most.

The partnership does not require a change in your work only a complementary addition! Because you are already connecting to people we just ask that you encourage RESPECT DAY…RESPECT EVERYONE April 6, 2020!

You can offer support in the following ways:

  1. Purchase shirts for your team/schools to wear on Respect Day 4/6/19.
  2. Sponsor wrist bands as a show of solidarity.
  3. Post sign in visible places where your friends, family, team and customers/clients frequent.
  4. Sponsor a youth, senior, family, or school in your area.


Respect Day Information Packet

Respect Day Partners

Mumford High School

Detroit School of Arts

Amazing Woman’s Network

Voyageur College Prep High School

Hope of America

Black Male Achievement

Legal, Business & Life Strategies

Social Q’z and Play